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Program Overview

Finance impacts everyone, whether they know it or not. It governs important decisions at every level of society, from households to commerce between nations. It funds our economy and provides the capitol the public sector needs. And finance needs smart, ethical professionals to make it all work.

Studying finance at Assumption College will provide you with the diverse knowledge base, from microeconomics to international finance a career in the field requires. You’ll learn about the theories that drive the economy and investment decision making, the principals that govern world markets, and the analytics that allow us to measure those theories and principals in the real world.

As a minor, finance provides an excellent complement to a variety of majors, providing you with a better understanding of how economics works as well as the acumen you’ll need to set yourself apart as a job candidate, or to further your studies in graduate school.



Students who intend to seek employment in business after graduation might consider completing a minor in Finance.