Law and Economics

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Laws are not made in a vacuum. Instead they are written and developed with a mind to their application in the real world and how they will affect a myriad of other factors, including economic concerns, and the lives of others. By applying economic principles to the law we can begin to understand the impact of the rules we live by and, in turn, develop more efficient laws.

The Law and Economics minor offered by Assumption College examines the intersection between the law and economics, and how one informs the other. Students study subject matter ranging from constitutional law to fiscal policy and, through this study, begin to understand the complex web of legal philosophy and economic theory that drives and sustains the modern world.

A Law and Economics minor is an excellent complement to a variety of majors and helps prepare students for rewarding careers in any number of fields like finance, international business or government or to further their studies in graduate or law school.



A minor in Law and Economics requires 6 courses.