Environmental Science

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Environmental Science Degree at Assumption College

Students who pursue an Environmental Science degree at Assumption College share a concern for the welfare of our planet; this concern has inspired an increasing number of students toward impactful careers in environmental science. Environmental Science majors study the environment and the effects of biological systems on the environment. Students who pursue an Environmental Science degree in this field choose a specialization that enhances their understanding of resources conservation, environmental policy, and the effect of toxic materials on ecosystems.

Environmental Science Major

The Environmental Science major takes 17 courses in ecology, chemistry, biology, and geography. Students pursuing an Environmental Science degree can specialize in areas that include resource conservation, environmental policy and the effects of toxic materials. This academic discipline prepares graduates for a career in teaching, law, government agencies, industry, the health sciences or they can go on to gradual school.

Environmental Science Minor

A minor in environmental science requires 6 courses and may be of interest to students who want to deepen their understanding of the science of environmental issues.