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Neuroscience at Assumption College

The brain is often referred to as the last frontier because, as stated by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, “… exactly how [the brain] operates remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries, and it seems the more we probe its secrets, the more surprises we find.” Neuroscience strives to solve the mysteries of the mind, brain, and nervous system function using multidisciplinary approaches. 

Our Neuroscience Program brings together an interdisciplinary group of professors who are passionate about mentoring undergraduates in this fascinating field of study, involving them in research that unveils novel mechanisms of brain function, and exploring the neural correlates of emotion, cognition, and psychopathology.   Assumption College offers numerous opportunities to pursue neuroscience, including: 

  1. A Neuroscience Major
  2. A Biology Major with a concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior
  3. A Psychology Major with a concentration in Human Neuroscience
  4. Center for Neuroscience, which provides student research internships, a lecture series, networking opportunities, and community outreach.   
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The Assumption College Center for Neuroscience

Assumption College is pleased to announce a new Center for Neuroscience. The Center provides an interdisciplinary community with neuroscience-focused opportunities for co-curricular activities, community outreach, service, and career networking.  The Center also offers paid summer research internships, a neuroscience lecture series, and affiliation with the Western Massachusetts Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.  

Neuroscience Major with Cellular Path

A Major in Neuroscience utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to empower students to

  1. Develop and refine skills of inquiry with a focus on the brain and mind
  2. Gain a strong understanding of the classic and contemporary findings in neuroscience
  3. Comprehend and appreciate the dynamic, multidisciplinary nature of this field
  4. To ask thoughtful questions and strategically select approaches to answer questions
  5. Develop informed hypotheses and design/execute experiments to test hypotheses
  6. Critically analyze data and determine if data supports hypotheses. 

Students are encouraged to engage in independent research and internships, in addition to successful completion of the required coursework. Neuroscience majors will be prepared to pursue careers in industry, health professions, and graduate studies within the field of neuroscience. 

Biology Major with a Concentration in Neuroscience and Behavior

The Biology major is particularly well-suited for students whose interests are drawn towards genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain development and function as well as neurological disorders/diseases.  Students explore current neuroscience research and understand cutting-edge techniques used to unveil novel contributions to the field. It is an excellent choice for individuals hoping to pursue graduate studies in neuroscience and or the health professions, such as medical school, physician assistant and physical therapy programs.  This major is also well-matched for those who wish to pursue work in research as well as health science organizations.

Psychology Major with a Concentration in Neuroscience of Human Behavior

The Psychology major is ideal for those who want to focus on the psychological aspects of brain function and for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in cognition, neuroscience, and clinical psychology. Students in this concentration are grounded in all of the empirical tools of psychology, and then apply these to the specialized study of social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience. Students in this concentration will also be prepared to work in research laboratories and to explore career avenues in applied neuroscience like neuromarketing.

Hands-on Research

Assumption students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Assumption faculty on research projects during the academic year and during the summer. Students can earn academic credit for research completed during the academic year and students may apply for paid summer research fellowships. Assumption College also enjoys a close partnership and an internship pipeline with the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS).  In addition to numerous collaborations between faculty at both institutions, many of our students complete research internships in the Department of Neurobiology and with Psychiatry faculty at UMMS, as well as a number of other research institutions.

Academic Partnerships

Students in both majors are encouraged to take advantage of numerous articulation agreements with other highly competitive programs that offer students opportunities for guaranteed admission and/or accelerated degrees or intensive scientific study.

Higher Education Today Discussion on Neuroscience Program at Assumption

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Isolation and Culture of Dissociated Sensory Neurons From Chick Embryos


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