Occupational and Physical Therapy

Course Information

Program Overview

The Concentration in Occupational and Physical Therapy is designed to prepare students for graduate study in Physical or Occupational Therapy. By combining fieldwork with classroom learning the concentration builds the knowledge necessary for students to obtain a career helping people achieve independence, meaning and satisfaction in their lives or restoring independence after an injury, illness, disability or psychological dysfunction.

A student may complete any major while also completing the concentration. Many students interested in Occupational or Physical Therapy have majored in Biology, Human Services and Rehabilitation Studies, or Psychology, and many of the courses required for the concentration are also required for completion of these majors.

Experiential Learning

A significant distinction of Assumption’s HSRS curriculum is a required internship that enables students to develop and refine the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for working as a human service professional. Each student in the Occupational and Physical Therapy concentration is placed for a semester in an appropriate setting to develop clinical skills.

Concentration Requirements

Students concentrating in Occuptational and Physical Therapy must take 16 required courses specific to the field.