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Philosophy Major at Assumption College

At Assumption College, students who major in philosophy develop competency in the history of philosophy through close study of primary texts in the ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary periods.  Philosophy majors also gain knowledge of the fundamental questions that pertain to the parts of philosophy, such as metaphysics, ethics, and human nature, and they gain familiarity with the main kinds of answers philosophers have proposed, together with the arguments they use and the challenges that can be raised against them.  Students develop the skills necessary to read primary and secondary sources with understanding, to write philosophical papers marked by clarity, logical rigor, depth of insight, and subtlety, and to engage in philosophical conversation with faculty and fellow students.  Because the Philosophy Major includes just eleven courses, students often choose to combine it with a second major, such as Political Science or Theology.

Philosophy, Ethics, and Business:  A 6-in-5 BA/MBA Program

This program consists of (a) the Philosophy Major, Pre-Business Track and (b) the Accelerated MBA Program.  In this program, students earn the BA and MBA in five years instead of the six years these two degrees customarily require.  During the first four years, students complete the Pre-Business Track version of the Philosophy Major and take some courses in the Business Studies Department.  The Accelerated MBA begins in the summer following completion of the BA with the intensive Foundations in Business Program and continues through a fifth year of courses.

Philosophy Minor

At least two philosophy courses are required of all students in the core curriculum, and a third may be taken for core credit.  The Philosophy Minor consists of a total of six courses, including those taken within the core curriculum.  The minor is an excellent complement to any major in the college.


Philosophy | Assumption College


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