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Accelerated Double Major: Sociology & Criminology

Course Information

Program Overview

Assumption College offers a unique accelerated double major program in sociology and criminology to better prepare students for graduate school and careers of meaning. The major is completed in just eighteen courses.

By drawing from the same required courses in statistics and research methodology for both majors, the program allows students to explore the specific features of the disciplines of sociology and criminology in a more efficient manner.

Double majors will graduate with resumes that include a year‐long internship in the criminal justice system, strong writing, data analysis, and oral communication skills, as well as a senior thesis. The accelerated double major also makes it more likely for students to complete the requirements in four years while still maintaining high-level academic Rigor.

How it works:

Sociology Major Requirements (6 courses)

  • ANT 131 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 121 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 300 Statistics (Senior year, fall only)
  • SOC 350 Sociological Theory (Junior year, fall only)
  • SOC 465 Sociological Research Methods (Junior year, spring only)
  • SOC 475 Senior Seminar (Senior year, fall only)

Sociology Electives (6 courses) Six elective courses in Sociology and Anthropology.

These six courses must include at least one course from three of the four content areas listed below. With a second major in criminology, students must choose sociology electives in the following manner:

1. Take two courses in bold from Deviance/Law & Society area.

2. Take three courses in bold across at least two other content areas (Inequality, Institutions & Community, and Social Change).

3. Choose one final elective in any area.


  • ANT 254: North American Indian
  • SOC 122: Social Problems
  • SOC 216: Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 224: Gender Issues in Society
  • SOC 225: Literature of Social Responsibility
  • SOC 232: Social Inequality in Society
  • SOC 285: Women’s Studies I: Images
  • WMS 385: Women of the World Institutions and Community
  • ANT 220: Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
  • ANT 231: Environmental Anthropology
  • SOC 206: The Sociology of Urban Life
  • SOC 223: The Family in Society
  • CRM 365: Internship I Seminar

Deviance/Law & Society

  • CRM 130: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CRM 242: Criminology
  • CRM 243: Juvenile Delinquency
  • CRM 272: Deviant Behavior
  • CRM 275: Sociology of Law
  • CRM 325: Victimology

Social Change

  • ANT 255: From Contact to Casinos Interactions with Indians in North America
  • SOC 108: World Population Issues
  • SOC 218: Social Movements
  • SOC 234: Social Policy
  • SOC 236: Social Justice in a Global Community
  • SOC 295: Masculinities

Criminology Major (6 additional courses):

Required (5 courses)/Elective (1 course):

  • CRM 130: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CRM 242: Criminology
  • CRM 272: Deviant Behavior
  • CRM 365: Internship I
  • CRM 366: Internship II
  • CRM or SOC: One more elective of student’s choice in any area
Accelerated Double Major: Sociology & Criminology | Assumption College


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