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Financial Aid FAQs

Q. What is the deadline for applying for aid at Assumption College? If I miss the deadline, am I still eligible for aid?
A. The priority deadline for applying for financial aid at Assumption is January 15 for new students. The priority deadline for transfer and returning students is March 31.
If you miss the deadline, you will still be eligible for aid; however, filing early ensures maximum financial aid eligibility.

Q. I don't think I'll qualify for aid. Should I still apply?
A. Yes. The federal government has a formula that considers a number of factors including income, assets, number in household and number in college to determine your expected family contribution. This figure assists us in determining your eligibility for grants and loans. Without the completion of the FAFSA we cannot fully determine your eligibility. Please note that the FAFSA is not required for merit scholarship consideration.

Q. My parents are divorced. How should I complete the parent section of the FAFSA?
A. In the case of divorce or separation, you are instructed to answer in terms of the parent who provided the most financial support during the last 12 months. Additionally, if the parent you counted above is married or remarried as of the date they completed the form, you must include the financial information of the stepparent (even if they were not married in the previous calendar year).

Q. Neither of my parents claims me as a dependent on their taxes. Can I be considered an independent student?
A. The Federal Government determines the dependency status of the student according to the questions answered on the FAFSA. Filing your own taxes, separate from your parents, does not make you independent for federal financial aid purposes. The criteria for meeting independent status can be found here. If you do not meet any of these criteria, and you can document special circumstances about independence, you should contact the Assumption Financial Aid Office.

Q. Is my financial aid guaranteed for four years? Do I need to meet certain requirements to maintain my eligibility for financial aid each year?
A. It is the intent of Assumption College to provide a consistent financial aid package each year.

This commitment is based upon:

  • completion and verification of the FAFSA
  • the student maintaining satisfactory academic progress (Merit scholarships also require the student to maintain a specified GPA annually.)
  • no change to the number of students in your family attending college
  • no significant change to family income
  • adhering to Assumption's FAFSA filing deadlines

Q. My parents have had a significant change to their income since filing the FAFSA. Is it possible for Assumption to take this into consideration when determining my financial aid for the upcoming year?
A. Yes, the Financial Aid Office may be able to consider these changes when reviewing the student's financial aid. Students must complete the Special Circumstances Form in full and submit it to our office along with any supporting documentation.

Q. How will an outside scholarship affect my financial aid package?
A. Financial assistance received from other sources must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Assistance from outside sources typically does not impact the financial aid award unless it exceeds the cost of attendance. The money from these type of awards needs to be posted to the student’s account to be counted towards the bill.

Q. I am interested in studying abroad. Can I use my financial aid to pay for my program?
A. Yes, generally most financial aid awards can be used toward the payment of your program. Types of aid not eligible to be used include federal work-study and tuition exchange. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information. For more information on the study abroad process, please click here.

Financial Aid FAQs | Assumption College


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