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Transfer FAQs

Academic Questions

How many of my credits will transfer to Assumption?
A final decision on the amount of credits that will transfer will be made by the Registrar’s office through a credit audit process.

Do you need a specific amount of credits to transfer to Assumption?  
At least 12 credits (24 is preferable) worth of coursework if looking to transfer to Assumption.

How many credits are required to be taken at Assumption upon graduation?
At least 20 of the 40 semester courses must be taken in the undergraduate day College or through the Colleges of Worcester Consortium as an Assumption College student.
What type of academic support is available for transfer students?
Academic support is available to all students at the College as part of tuition. The Academic Support Center is located in the d’Alzon Library, second floor.

When and how do I schedule my classes?
Classes are scheduled during Transfer Orientation, which takes place in August and January. The Registrar’s office will oversee this process.

What are the most popular majors at Assumption?

  • Biology
  • English
  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Communications
  • Human and Rehabilitative Studies
  • Education

Can I get involved in a study abroad program as a transfer student? How does it work?
Yes. A student needs to meet with the Dean of Studies, who grants approval for the Study Abroad Program. A student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of application. Here are some of the places where Assumption students have studied at: Australia, Austria, Chile, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and "Semester at Sea."

Application Question

Do I need to send an application fee if I am re-activating my application?
If you have previously applied to Assumption, within the last two years, and you are re-activating your application, you do not need to submit an application fee.

Financial Aid Questions

What type of scholarships and grants are available to transfer students?
Merit Scholarships are available to transfer students based academic achievement. These are renewed annually as long as the student maintains the required GPA once enrolled at Assumption. They range from $14,00 to $16,000.

Does Assumption offer a scholarship for PTK members?
Yes, all PTK scholars are awarded an additional $2,500 scholarship per year.

What do I need to do if I am applying and want to be considered, for financial aid?
You need to fill out and submit the FASFA form. Assumption College FAFSA code is: 002118

Do you offer athletic scholarships to transfer students?

Campus Life Questions

Is there a Transfer Orientation program at Assumption?
Yes. In August and January, the transfer students are invited to campus for a new student orientation.  Students choose their courses during this orientation. Members of various departments will share important information and will be available to answer any questions.

What opportunities are available for extracurricular involvement at Assumption?
As a resident or non-resident you will be able to sample the extraordinary menu of extracurricular activities. These clubs and organizations cover a wide range of areas such as: academic/professional, Arts/Entertainment, Honor Societies, Media Publications, Political/Government, Service, Special Interest/Recreation, Spiritual and Club Sports.

How does the internship program works at Assumption?
The student must be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA), the student and faculty-sponsor propose the amount of credit appropriate to the project, and the Dean of Studies must approve the internship’s proposal prior to the start of that internship. Internship guidelines and application forms are available in the Office of the Dean of Studies.

Housing Questions

What are the options for housing at Assumption?
The type of housing available for Transfer students will depend on what class year they come in at. If they are freshmen or sophomores, they will most likely be placed in a traditional hall. In rare cases, we may have suites available depending on when we receive notification that they are coming. For someone coming in as a junior, we will attempt to put them in an apartment with other juniors, but that again is based on availability.

How is the transfer student "paired up" for housing?
We give each student a housing questionnaire once we find out that he/she is coming. We will use that to match the student up with another transfer student or another student already here who is in the same class year.
When would I know about housing?
We house transfer students as soon as we hear that they have deposited. Sometimes Residential Life will wait to see if a better spot opens up for the students rather than placing them in the first available spot.

Is on-campus housing guaranteed for the remainder of my academic years at Assumption?
Yes. Transfer students are eligible should they choose to remain on campus. Transfer students will participate in the housing lottery with all other students.

Transfer FAQs | Assumption College


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