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To inquire about using Assumption's Chapel of the Holy Spirit for your wedding, consult the Office of Campus Ministry at 508-767-7149 or campusministry@assumption.edu.

Group photos of Assumption graduates at a wedding reception can be posted on the Alumni website and on the Alumni Facebook page. A Weblink icon will be placed by the wedding announcement in the Class Notes section of an upcoming issue of Assumption Magazine, indicating a photo is posted on the Web.

E-mail your group wedding picture and information about who appears in the photo to alumni@assumption.edu.

Billy ’15 and Katie (Trapani) Johnson ’15 G’17

Billy ’15 and Katie (Trapani) Johnson ’15 G’17 were married on August 18, 2018 at the Killington Grand Resort Hotel in Vermont. Alumni in attendance included the bride’s sister, Tara Trapani ’17, who served as maid of honor, as well as: Hugh Burke ’82, Patrick Coleman ’14, Kerry Craig ’15, Lauren Cranston ’15, Katie Cullerot ’15, Andrew Donahue ’15, Ben Hastings ’13, Susie (Hanlon) ’82 and William G. Kasper, Jr. ’82, Taylor King ’15, Kevin Mayone ’13, Ryan Merle ’14, Sam (Miller) ’14 and Matt Metcalf ’14, Kelly O’Neil ’15, Lauren Ostafin ’14, Michael Panze ’15, Timothy Quinn ’13, Cody Rocha ’14, Bridget Ryan ’15, Lucianna Sarafoglou ’15, Michael Smith ’14, Kevin Sullivan ’15, and Karen Vail ’17.  

Garrett Hickey '13 and Heather Modenese

Garrett Hickey '13 married Heather Modenese on June 30, 2018 in Thomaston, CT.  Alumni in attendance included Thomas Carrol ‘13, Kevin Donahue ‘12, Michael Conway ‘13, Grace Flaherty ‘13, Sam Pericolo ‘13, John Donegan ‘13, Brendan Murray ‘13, Joelle Santiago ‘13, John Flaherty ‘13, Ronson Quick ‘13, Matthew Doherty ‘13, and Liz Gannuscio.

Rachel Hedge '13/G'15 and Michael Dahmke '13

Rachel Hedge '13/G'15 married Michael Dahmke '13 on June 29, 2018.  Alumni in attendance included Ashley Januszewski '13/G'15, who served as a bridesmaid; Tim Flood '13, who served as a groomsman; Ashley (Impagliazzo) Jackson '14, Mark Petrucci '13, Nicole Dunn '13, Kasey Laliberte '13, Ryan O'Keefe '13, and Derek Campbell '13. 

Jennifer Kennedy '13 and Christopger Rawson '13

Jennifer Kennedy '13 married Christopher Rawson '13 in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on November 11, 2017. Alumni in attendance were Kevin O'Brien, Allie Plack, Nate Lafond '12, Matthew Wrenn, Jennifer Libin '12, Pat McIntyre '12, Kim McIntyre '12, Michael Perkins '11, and Ashley Perkins '11. 

Delia Klim '12 and Brian Nowak '12

Delia Klim '12 and Brian Nowak '12 were married at Waterville Valley Resort in New Hampshire on September 16, 2017. Alumni in attendance were Michelle Lubas, Kelsey Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Villano ’11, Ashley Caissie, Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Jack Weissman, Jacqueline Carlson, Timothy Bienert, Taylor Parent, Katrina Mitchell, Stephen MacDonald’11, and Janet Testa HD ’07.

John Clinton '12 and Bridgette Boyle '13

John Clinton married Bridgette Boyle '13 on November 12, 2016 at Assumption's Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Alumni in attendance were Tim Robertson '13, Ross Petrain '13, Stevie Senior, Jr., Justin Pugliese, Grace Flaherty '13, Katie McIssac '13, Stephanie Coombs, Julia Donovan '13, Sarah Matteodo '13, Emily Tavares '14, Joelle Santiago '13, Rilie Brown '13, Lillian Irwin '14, Andrew Smith, Greg O'Rourke, Jules Verbic, Emily Emrick '13, and Sam Pericolo '13.  Bridgette and John reside in Watertown, MA and both work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Jennifer Clancy '10 and Jason McWhirter

Jennifer Clancy '10 married Jason McWhirter on May 27, 2017. Alumni in attendance included Kerry Davis, who also served as matron of honor, Nichole and Doug Reilly, Gayle and Peter Melko, Alyse Moccio, Marie Bucklin, Sarah Wyman, Conrad and Gena Audette, Matt Kisil, Danielle and Dan Case, Steve and Ashlee Grassey, Brandon Pare, Amy Basbas '09 and Kim Ricciardone '09. 

Kimberly Cohen '10 and Robert Tyler '10

Kimberly Cohen '10 married Robert Tyler '10 on October 8, 2017 with Fr. Dennis Gallagher concelebrating. Alumni in attendance included Courtney (Stratton) Wall, Jacqueline Branca, Sarah (Ambacher) Paradee, Holly (Tortora) Haskell, Kevin Dabrieo, Derek Shanahan, Brian Tirrell, Kevin Pratt, Sean Whalen, Dan Ferry, Brian Sullivan '11, Cait DeFerrari '11, Kevin Grayson '10 and Quentin Bond '17. 

Faye Catalan '14 and Michael Carpentier '14 

Faye Catalan '14 and Michael Carpentier '14 were married at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit with Fr. Dennis Gallagher presiding on August 12, 2017. Alumni in attendance included Caitlin Coleman '14, Kathryn Buckley '14, Alyson Catalan '13, Andrea Clapp '14, Michael Daly '13, Maggie Bara '14, Devon Holmes '14, Max Marscheusen '14, Rich Tarby '14, Cody Southiere '14, Jessica Familia '14, Kerry Van Schaack '14, Ryan Jobe '14, Nick Silva '14, Tom Pericolo '14, Sarah Salsman '14, Tony Kissel '13, William Hoffman '14, Greg O'Rourke '13, Paul Carpentier '82, Suzanne Carpentier '82, John Fontaine '70, Leah Johnson '15, Dan Johnson '14, Jen Reardon '14, Sarah Jones '13, Colleen Grace '15, Jesse Hunt '14, Judy Carpentier '97, and Mark Carpentier '18.

Courtney Bedard ’14 and Phelan Lemieux

Courtney Bedard ’14 married Phelan Lemieux on July 2, 2017. Alumni in attendance were Kalliah Baire ’16, Heather Ewell ’16, Alysa Chairolanza '14, Lauren Johnson ’15, Andrea Kolodziej ’15, Brianna Simoncini ’14, Miranda Xenakis ’14, and Courtney’s aunts Mary Hansen (Bedard), Teresa Leger (Bedard), Sandra Bedard (Bernier), Kathleen Bedard (McCarthy), and Carol Colby (Bedard), and uncles Paul Bedard and Francis Bedard ’81, who is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 

Erin Sliney '13 and Nicholas Galiardo

Erin Sliney '13 married Nicholas Galiardo on May 20, 2017. They enjoyed a beautiful ceremony in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Assumption College. Alumni in attendance included Joseph Sliney '17, Lindsey Herr '14, Katie Kennedy '14, and Alyssa Lombardi '14. Many of the College's Student Accounts staff also attended. Erin and Nick have relocated to Fredericksburg, Virginia where they are enjoying their new home. 

Amanda Carchedi '13 and Daniel Bradley '13

Amanda (Carchedi) Bradley’13 and Daniel Bradley’13 were married in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on July 1, 2017.  Other alumni in attendance were Jessica Casolino ’13, Nicholas Napoli ’13, Daniel Dearing ’13, David Maiocco ’13, Richard Carchedi ’09, Ana Clara (Carpi) Blesso ’12, and Michael Carchedi ’17. 

Ashley Marco '11 and Kyle Pare '12

Ashley Marco ’11 married Kyle Pare ’12 on June 24, 2017 at Holy Family Church in Enfield, CT. Alumni in attendance include Nick and Eily (Finn) D’Eletto ’12, Jack Weissman ’12, Luke Jarvis ’12, Rilie Brown ’13, Angela (Keck) Skawski ’09, Dennis and Courtney (Beliveau) Sojka ’11. Tom Sleeper ’10 of Tom Sleeper Media provided videography services.

Leah Bufkins '12 and Michael Leonard

Leah Bufkins '12 married Michael Leonard on July 7, 2017 on the North Fork of Long Island. Alumni in attendance included Kara Kazarian '12, Stephanie Chandler '12, Victoria Lemmon '12 and Laura Tremaglio '12.  


Catherine Doherty '13 and Gabriel Homiski '13

doherty and homiski wedding
Catherine Doherty '13 married Gabriel Homiski '13 in November 2016. Alumni in
attendance included Michelle Eaton Barkson ’08, Sean Daigle, Anita Dossabhoy,
Robert Eaton ’05, Thomas Effler, Lauren Forest, Courtney Iococca, Molly Kessler,
Pat LaCivita, David Littlefield, Kerrian Lusk ’14, Matthew Martino, Kyle McCarthy
and Stephanie O’Rourke.


Federico Chalas '12 and Leslie Carriveau '12

Federico Chalas ’12
 and Leslie Carriveau '12 were married on 10/8/16 at the Chapel
of the Holy Spirit. Alumni in attendance included wedding party members Jaclyn Daniels '07,
Hannah Donovan, Vanessa Myette, Leanna Hartnack and John Landsvik, as well as
Kirsten Chirichetti, Mark Daniels '06, Pete DeSisto, Tom Guido, Jonas Halley '07,
Jill Hanley '11, Liz Penta '11, Alejandro Ruiz, Erynn Sweeney and Amanda Carelli Wrenn '08.
Federico is in paramedic school and Leslie is a charity event planner. The couple resides in
Boca Raton, FL.


Meaghan Daly '12 and William Ferguson

Meaghan Daly ’12
 married William Ferguson on 10/8/16 in Chatham. Alumni in attendance
were Janessa Barrett '14, Ryan Gilles '13, Erich Grosse '15, Christina Hitchins, Dan Hoogasian,
Mary King, Nicole Lillie, Chris Palermo '87, Jack Palermo '15, Kevin Petersen and Laura Strelis.
Meaghan is a registered dental hygienist. The couple resides in Norton.


Michael Cram '11 and Christie Malanga

Michael Cram ’11
 and Christie Malanga were married on 7/3/16 in Madison, CT. Alumni in
attendance were Courtney Beliveau, Julia Brough, Stephanie Burns, Jack Casey, Patrick Donlin, 
Greg '83 & Therese Reynolds Gauthier ’84, Brittany Grosse, Laura Brannon Halloran,
Deborah Ovian Hopper ’84, Patrick Jergel, Maureen Bailey Kelly ’84, Carol Ann Krupa ’85, 
Susan Dailey Malanga ’84, Katie Greenwood O’Connell ’84, Lisa McCarthy O’Keefe ’83, 
Dave Paradise and Christine Roach.  


Mike Webber '11 and Cindy Gill

Mike Webber ’11 and Cindy Gill were married on 8/26/16 in Concord.


Kristin Quinn '10 and Scott Maxwell

Kristin Quinn ’10
 married Scott Maxwell on 8/13/16 in Rye, NH. Alumni in attendance
were Dan Anastas, Chrissy Winske Costa, Max Ebacher, Jill Foley ’11, Denise Gotta,
Erica Henrickson ’12, Shannon Murtagh Hulton, Matt & Allie Orlando Jose ’11,
Holly Kalinski, Martine Krzeminski, Matt & Lindsay Schoen Lane, Matt Owens,
Greg Sebastiao, Mark Thomas and Chantal Zeh. They reside in Plaistow, NH. Kristin
recently earned her CAGS in reading from American International College and is a
special education teacher in Topsfield. '04.

Jeff Logee '99 and Tanya Hanke 

Jeff Logee '99 and Tanya Hanke were married on 10/2/15 in Brooklyn, CT.
Alumni in attendance were Charles Langevin '68, Tom St. John G'98 and
Leanne Griffin '03. Jeff and Tanya reside in Bar Harbor, ME, while Jeff works
for the Maine Community Foundation in Ellsworth, ME. 


Erin Sliney '13 married Nicholas Galiardo on May 20, 2017. They enjoyed a beautiful ceremony in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Assumption College. Alumni in attendance included Joseph Sliney '17, Lindsey Herr '14, Katie Kennedy '14, and Alyssa Lombardi '14. Many of the College's Student Accounts staff also attended. Erin and Nick have relocated to Fredericksburg, Virginia where they are enjoying their new home. 

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