d'Alzon Arts

Art Exhibitions

Collaborators: Kate Egnaczak, Scott Glushien, Tom Grady, Mike Land, Carrie Nixon, Lynn Simmons, and Tyler Vance
October 18 – November 23
Reception: Tuesday, October 18, 4:30pm
Student Art & Design Show
November 28 – February 5
Reception: Tuesday, November 29, 4:30pm
Libby Lipin
What's left
February 6 – April 12
Reception: Thursday, March 2, 4:30pm 
IMAGINARTE: Views by Refugee Minors in Worcester
A Photography Exhibit by Unaccompanied Refugee Minors from
   Ascentria Care Alliance in collaboration with CSL students in Spanish 318 
February 20 – April 12
Reception: Tuesday, February 21, 4:30pm
Senior Seminar Art Show
April 18 – May 12
Reception: Thursday, April 20, 4:30pm


Poetry Readings

David Thoreen's Creative Writing Class
Wednesday, December 7, 4:00pm
John Hodgen's Poetry Class
Thursday, April 27, 5:00pm