Study Abroad Italy: Summer Session in Rome

A new, transformational opportunity for Assumption students! This summer, students can spend a month walking, eating and living like a Roman as they become immersed in the Italian – and European -- way of life and fulfill at least one general education requirement at the Rome Campus. (Interested? Have questions? Click here to download an application or here to contact Professor Richard Bonanno.)


A special summer session will be offered in Rome to those students unable to enroll for a full semester due to degree requirements or extra-curricular obligations. The four-week program will include a specially designed course in Political Science and the option of enrolling in one distance-learning course prior to departure. Scheduled from June 30 to July 28, this wonderful program allows Assumption students to experience an abridged version of the College’s renowned and nationally ranked Rome Campus.

Assumption Professor of Italian Studies Richard Bonanno, PhD and Political Science Professor B.J. Dobski, PhD will lead students on a month-long expedition during which the sites and sounds of the “Eternal City” will serve as the classroom. A maximum of 18 students will walk in the footsteps of the emperors and Popes visiting remarkable sites such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, and many others.

No prior knowledge of Italian is necessary; Assumption faculty, well-versed in Italian, will accompany students on all College-sponsored outings and assist them with their everyday activities and interaction with Italian-speaking locals.

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Study Abroad Italy: What to Expect
The Assumption College Summer Session in Rome will provide students the opportunity to live, learn and explore in a foreign country. Students participating in this program will also partake in one planned, two-day excursion – included in tuition – to beautiful Florence, Tuscany's jewel of the Renaissance.

Explore Rome & Fulfill at Least One Core Requirement
Take a course in Rome that counts towards "The Great Conversation" in the Core Curriculum and also have the option to receive a tuition waiver applied to a distance learning course offered during Summer Session I, 2017.

Students who take Introduction to Political Philosophy in Rome with Prof. Dobski (a class he’s playfully calling “Making Rome Great….Again. And Again”) will explore the challenges associated with founding, or re-founding, a political order that combines the rule of wisdom, consent of the governed, political accountability, and equality before the law. This is a lesson that citizens of a republican democracy always need to learn and it is a lesson that the history and political thought of Rome illustrate in an unrivaled way. The course will thus combine readings from Livy, Cicero, Plutarch, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Mirandola, and Gentile with visits to the Capitoline Hill, the Circus Maximus, the Coliseum and Forum, the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the EUR, and more. By engaging the political thought of Rome as we walk in the footsteps of the “Eternal City’s” statesmen, emperors, and Popes, students will come to see more vividly the conditions required for freedom in a republic such as ours. This course counts towards “The Great Conversation” in the Core Curriculum. 

Accommodations and Meals
Summer Session participants will be housed in double rooms at Villino Dufault, the residential and learning center of Assumption’s Rome Campus. The newly renovated and gated facility is located in an authentic Roman neighborhood where locals often befriend Assumption students and help them practice their Italian language skills. Villino Dufault is located within a short walking distance to bus and rail transportation, providing students an affordable and efficient means of transportation to explore the city of Rome and beyond.

And when in Rome, don’t forget to sample "la cucina italiana!" La Signora Romanini, the remarkable chef in Villino Dufault, does more than just prepare authentic Italian meals; she helps students navigate the Italian way of life and develop an appreciation for the fine art of dining. Meals prepared by la Signora Romanini are savored in a community setting, providing students and faculty the opportunity to gather together and discuss the news of the day or what students experienced during their travels throughout Rome.

During their stay, students are provided Italian-style breakfasts and three-course dinners at Villino Dufault. Since most days will be spent exploring Rome, lunch is at the convenience, and cost, of students.

Students will depart as a group from Logan International Airport in Boston and fly into Fiumicino International Airport in Rome. The College will provide private car transportation for students from Fiumicino to Villino Dufault and back to Fiumicino on the day of departure.

All students who participate in the Rome Campus Summer Program will receive a municipal bus and metro rail pass (think of the T in Boston) for unlimited travel within the city limits.

Students will have two free weekends to explore the city and country on their own. Some may even opt to travel to other European countries on low-cost airlines or high-speed rail.

Cost and Fees
The cost of this truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience is dependent on the number of enrolled participants, ranging between $5,700 for eight (8) students and $4,900 for eighteen (18) students. The cost includes airfare, tuition, room, breakfast and dinner, a bus pass, a weekend-long excursion, and entrance fees to select museums. Financial aid is not applicable.

Interested? Have questions? Click here to download an application or here to contact Professor Richard Bonanno. Please submit all applications to Professor Bonanno.