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When in Romeā€¦the city offers a wide range of concerts, sporting events and fashion and entertainment opportunities.

A Semester Abroad in Rome, Italy

At Assumption's Rome Campus, the city itself becomes a living classroom where you'll dive into its history, art, and architecture, even sampling the famous Italian cuisine and finding your favorite gelateria. Rome inspires you to embrace your independence as you explore the city or travel to other European destinations, discovering their own hidden beauty. It's about that feeling you experience when you explore the Coliseum, the Roman Forum or Hadrian's Villa knowing that thousands - including emperors and gladiators - have walked the same paths. It’s about the weekends you decide to stay in Rome and explore the city and the nights you go out to Campo di Fiori. Or maybe you enjoy an adventure and decide to travel to Paris or Venice and walk the winding streets of the canals, or laugh with your new friends under the sparkling Eiffel Tower.

Rome will become your home, one that you won’t want to leave.

Worried about financial aid? Don't. Your financial aid follows you to Rome.

The campus is located in a real Roman neighborhood, where you’ll immerse yourself in the Italian way of life and befriend your neighbors, even the baker from the pasticceria down the street. Or, you might discover a favorite place to  indulge in cappuccinos after class every day (oh Barnums, how I miss you!). And if the excitement in Rome isn’t enough for you, Senora Romanini, the campus chef, is one of the best in Italy.

Studying abroad at Assumption’s Rome campus is one of the best decisions I have made. As I shared in my blog, “the feeling I got while there was indescribable. This is the feeling that I came abroad to discover... what I am experiencing right now is such a unique and rewarding one that I will carry with me my whole life...[I’ll] remember that inexpressible feeling I got, and the unconditional feeling of content/happiness I experienced.”

Don’t miss your chance to spend an exciting semester in Italy! 

Kelly Srubas '16 (Rome, Spring '15)

A Semester Abroad in Rome, Italy | Assumption College


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