What support do I have once my computer and I are on campus?

RCC (ResNet Computer Consultant) Student Support
ResNet support is a trained staff of students who support student residential networking. They are trained to network functioning computers, configure wireless network connections and install ResNet software (anti-virus software and web browsers). On move-in day, RCCs will be assisting in dorms helping students get connected. They will be going from dorm to dorm to make sure everyone is connected.  During the first week of school, they work exclusively on assisting students with connecting their machines to the network.

IT Helpdesk (IT Center, Rm. 130)
After the first week of school, you can call the IT Helpdesk (508-767-7060) for help. Student RCCs can help on an as-available basis with many of the common software issues that arise with today’s computers. Other issues may be referred to professional IT staff.  Anything that we cannot assist a student in fixing will be directed to a repair center.  Students are responsible for their own machines.