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Our auditors now require that faculty and staff change their passwords every 90 days.  IT&MS has provided Password Manager software to assist you with this process.  It sends multiple reminders that your password is about to expire, allows you to set security questions which will enable you to reset your password if you have forgotten it, and unlocks* your account if you neglect to respond to the password change reminders.  You can access Password Manager at:   http://www.assumption.edu/password.

*Please note: In order to use Password Manager to reset a password or unlock an account you must have set up your profile and security questions in advance. Please take the time to set up your profile ahead of time so that you can access all of the features available to you in Password Manager.

Using Password Manager

  1. Open the web browser on your computer
  2. Go to www.assumption.edu/password
  3. Enter your Assumption College user name into the first field
  4. Enter the security characters into the box at the bottom of the page
  5. Click “Search” at the bottom right hand side of the page
  6. A new screen will open presenting you with several options for managing your password
    • First time users of Password Manager will be required to set up their security questions before being allowed to view the additional options that are available
    • Returning users will be presented with a list of choices
  7. Select the option that you need and follow the prompts that are provided
  8. When finished, REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER
Password manager screenshotPassword manager screenshot

Email Messages from Password Manager

Create/Update your questions and answers profile

If you have an Assumption College network/email account you are strongly urged to create a profile with questions and answers only you would know.  This allows you to change your password or unlock your account without having to call the Helpdesk.   The Create/Update message will ask you to click on the Password Manager link: www.assumption.edu/password.  It will take you to the Password Manager page, which has the College’s logo at the top.  From there, click on the My Questions and Answers Profile link and follow the screen instructions.


Password expiration

If you have created your profile, Password Manager will remind you that your password will expire after 90 days. Beginning 10 days in advance of expiration, it will send you daily reminders to change your password.  In order to avoid locking out your account, you must change your password within that 10-day time period. The Password Expiration Notification message will ask you to click on the Password Manager link: www.assumption.edu/password.  It will take you to the Password Manager page, which has the College’s logo at the top.  From there, click on the Manage My Passwords link and follow the screen instructions.


Verifying these notifications

We all need to be very cautious about emails that ask for passwords, or ask you to click on links going to web sites asking you to provide information about yourself.  To verify that the Password Manager messages are legitimate reminders from the Assumption College Password Manager, please note that:

  • All password reminders will come from IT Hub/HelpDesk helpdesk@assumption.edu
  • These messages are sent out at around 9:00 p.m. (Password Expiration) and 10:00 p.m. (Create your profile)
  • The Subject: line begins with “Password Manager--”

Reminder: the Password Manager’s web address is: www.assumption.edu/password, and the College’s logo is at the top.


Creating a Strong Password

Your new password must meet the following criteria:

  • At least eight characters long
  • You may NOT include the first three characters of your name (first, middle or last), your user name or title as part of your password
  • A “strong” password includes characters from three of the following four groups:

    For example, achelpdesk is not considered a strong password, nor is ACHelpDesk.   ACHelp#Desk is a strong password, as is acHdesk#2016.

    You may wish to consider using a pass phrase rather than a password.  They are usually longer, but easy to remember and harder to hack.  For example, the pass phrase, “Mo2art K.620 is my favorite opera!” uses a strong combination of characters and is easy to recall. 

    • Lowercase letters
    • Uppercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Punctuation--select from this list: ( ) ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * - + = | \ { } [ ] : ; " ' < > , . ? /


Password FAQs

Q. Where can I change or reset my password?  

A. Our recommendation is always use Password Manager at http://www.assumption.edu/password and REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER, or any other device you use for email or which you connect to Assumption College WiFi. When off campus, you can ONLY change it using the Password Manager web page. Use the “Manage My Passwords” option at http://www.assumption.edu/password.

Q. How does changing my password affect the various College systems that I use?   

A. As a general rule, your other systems will prompt you for your new password. Restart the device or application if it stops working properly or it does not accept your new password.   If you need assistance, contact the Helpdesk at x7060.

  • The Portal authenticates at each initial login and occasionally thereafter (depending on the content you are accessing).  You will need to update your credentials on the left side of your portal page above the calendar.
  • Houndmail, Blackboard, Brightspace and VPN authenticate at each initial login. If you are connected to any of these systems when your password expires or changes, it will require the new password the next time you log in to them.
  • Depending on which Smart/Data Phone you have, you may be prompted to enter the NEW password or you may receive a message that says you cannot connect to the server or some similar error message. You will need to update your phone’s stored password.  
  • The Mac Keychain stores a password locally on your computer.  When you change it, you will then need to change your Keychain password. If you have problems with this issue, contact the Helpdesk at x7060.  

Q. What systems are NOT affected by the password changes?  

A. Voice Mail and Works (on line credit card processing system).  

Q. My password has expired and my phone cannot connect to email. Why?  

A. The phone cannot prompt you to CHANGE your password, only to enter a new password. The phone will not deliver new mail until you have reset your password. Change your password first, then enter your new password when prompted by your phone. Shut down and restart your phone if you have problems.  


A Final Word about Passwords

Please remember that IT&MS Staff will never ask you to send your private password via email. Malicious emails known as "phishing" emails may resemble ones that you might expect from the IT&MS Department.  If you ever receive a suspicious email, do not hesitate to double-check with the IT&MS Department at helpdesk@assumption.edu, or call the Helpdesk at 508-767-7060, before clicking on any links or opening any attachments.



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